How far is it from winston-salem to columbia, south carolina?

The total driving distance from Winston-Salem, North Carolina to Columbia, South Carolina is 170 miles, or 274 kilometers. Your journey begins in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. It ends in Columbia, South Carolina. Now let's suppose you have a private jet and can fly the fastest possible straight line between Winston-Salem, North Carolina, and Columbia, South Carolina.

Built in 1991, the Columbia Station is a steel structure located three miles from the city center and not far from the University of South Carolina campus. As the capital of South Carolina, Columbia offers many historic attractions and exciting activities that will satisfy tourists of all ages. The main Amtrak train station is located on Pulaski Street, in the heart of the city center, near the University of South Carolina campus. In the heart of the city is the South Carolina State Museum, which has the most impressive collection of permanent and temporary exhibits in the state, as well as in the Southeast.

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