What are the best parks in columbia, south carolina?

If you're looking for sandy beaches, quiet coves and hiking trails, head to Dreher Island State Park on Lake Murray. You can also bike or hike the mountain trails of Harbison State Forest, which also has a place for boaters and paddlers along the Broad River. If you want to try your luck with paddling, head to Sesquicentennial State Park, where you can rent boards to use on the quiet lake. Much more than just a playground, Sesquicentennial State Park (known to locals as Sesqui) offers fun for the whole family.

At just over 1400 acres, Sesqui has plenty of walking and biking trails to explore and even a 30-acre lake to enjoy. Located near the lake is a fabulous wooded park for children of all ages to enjoy. The shaded area has plenty of picnic tables and benches for parents to enjoy and a nice grassy area nearby to roll a ball or have a picnic. The park is located in northeast Columbia and is about a 20-minute drive from downtown Columbia.

Please note that there is an admission fee to enter the park.

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