Which lakes are located near or around columbia, south carolina?

However, one of the best ways to enjoy the lake is Dreher Island State Park, which is located on the north coast, about 30 miles from Columbia. It offers boat ramps, a marina and a wide selection of types of accommodation. Plus, this is the best place for hiking on Lake Murray. And if 30 miles seems too much to you, you can visit Lake Murray Public Park on the east end of the lake, just 12 miles from Columbia.

It has a long sandy beach and several picnic benches, perfect for short walks. Lake Murray is as versatile as possible; there are hardly any restrictions on activity. There is everything here, from fishing to water skiing, and you can even practice more exotic sports, such as diving. The Parr Reservoir is a 4,400-acre lake 30 miles northwest of Columbia.

It's a wild and undeveloped destination, best known for fishing. The Parr Reservoir contrasts sharply with nearby Lake Murray. Despite its size, the lake only offers two access points, both relatively primitive, with only boat ramps, restrooms and a couple of picnic tables. The Parr Reservoir won't leave you breathless, but the access areas are free, and if you're looking for solitude and unspoiled nature, it's a good option.

Lake Monticello is 6,700 acres in size and is located 31 miles northwest of Columbia. Although it's not the most versatile lake in the area, it's a fun family destination that attracts a lot of visitors. Like Lake Murray, Wateree is a well-developed destination with more than a dozen access points, both public and private. However, the best place to enjoy the lake is probably Lake Wateree State Park.

You can always rely on state park facilities and rangers, and this park won't disappoint you either. It has a choice of accommodation types, a swimming area, a hiking trail and much more. At 110,600 acres, Lake Marion is the largest reservoir in South Carolina. It's a popular tourist destination that attracts people from all over the state and beyond.

Like Wateree and Murray Lakes, Lake Marion offers a wide selection of access points and services, both public and private, with at least a dozen marinas scattered along the 315-mile shoreline. Located in the center of the state, Columbia is perfect for accessing some of South Carolina's best lakes.

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