What are the best museums in columbia, south carolina?

South Carolina State Museum · 2.Columbia Museum of Art · 3.South Carolina Military Museum · 4.South Carolina Confederate Relic Room and. Columbia, South Carolina, is a city full of historic culture and some of the most impressive museums in the state. Colombia is known for its southern atmosphere, its historic past and a large number of different museums to visit. Museums are a great way to spend time with friends and family while learning and experiencing lots of new things.

At Rowan Apartments we wanted to make it easy for you to find the next museum to visit, and that's why we've created this incredible list of the best museums in Columbia, South Carolina. The South Carolina State Museum is known for being the largest history museum in the state, with four exhibits and more than 70,000 artifacts. This museum reviews a lot of the state's history. This is a great museum for children to have fun, learn and explore.

This museum is the perfect museum to explore the state's history with the whole family. If you're looking for a more exclusive local museum, you should visit the Woodrow Wilson Family Home Museum. The Woodrow Wilson family home is the childhood home of the 28th President of the United States built by Wilson's parents. This museum presents the history of reconstruction after the Civil War and is the only museum in the country dedicated to this work.

Guided tours of this museum are available from Tuesday to Sunday, at specific times. The McKissick Museum offers you an in-depth experience of the history of Southern life. This museum features exhibits of art, natural science, antique comforters, and more. The McKissick Museum is free to visit for the public and is a great museum for all ages.

Website developed by Catalyst, your student housing marketing specialist. The Rowan is not affiliated, sponsored, or associated with accommodation for students with university studies or university shorts in any way. Become a member of the South Carolina State Museum and get great benefits, such as free general admission, tickets to the planetarium and 4D theater, and more. The South Carolina Military Museum is a great museum to see some military artifacts from many different wars.

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