What are the best neighborhoods in columbia, south carolina?

A lively area full of hipster history and culture, Downtown is a great place to explore foodie havens, local shops, and historic monuments. The area is also ideal for a night out, with several bars and nightclubs to entertain you until the wee hours of the morning. Residents can visit the Soda City weekly market, a farmer's market inspired by a traditional European street market that operates every Saturday morning. If you live in the city center, you'll find more attractions and job opportunities just a short distance away.

The Vista is close to several of the city's most popular attractions, such as the S, C. State Museum, Colonial Life Arena and EdAdventure Children's Museum. It's home to the Trustus Theater, the city's progressive theater organization. Local organizations and parks host major annual celebrations, such as the opening of Vista Lights in November and the Artista Vista art event every spring.

Today, the area offers suburban living with a rural atmosphere, about eight miles from downtown Columbia. The area has a dense canopy of trees, which adds to the parkland feel. Arcadia Lakes has several incredible views of nearby Lake Murray, plus seven other lakes. The spacious parks offer ample space for great outdoor activities.

The houses in this region are mainly single-family homes from the 1960s, with some remaining from the late 1930s. You'll find custom lakefront homes and planned communities. Exceptionally, Arcadia Lakes does not tax local property taxes. Sherwood Forest is a historic neighborhood between Beltline Blvd, Devine St and Kilbourne Road.

This historic downtown neighborhood is a traditionally designed neighborhood with large green spaces and rolling terrain. The Sherwood Forest neighborhood was established in the early to mid-20th century with an average lot size of ½ to 1 acre, with house sizes ranging from 2,000 to 4,000 square feet. Nowadays there is an active neighborhood association. When it comes to choosing a neighborhood in Columbia, there are plenty of great options for everyone.

Devine Street, Five Points, or Sherwood Forest may be perfect for you if you're looking for a historic downtown. If you're looking for a more suburban environment, Arcadia Lakes or Northeast Columbia might be the right choice. The Vista is a neighborhood in Columbia that is located on the banks of the Congaree River. It was once known for the railway lines that crossed it and for the many textile factories that existed in the area.

Changing times turned The Vista into a hub for shopping, nightlife and entertainment in Columbia. The Artista Vista gallery tour takes place at The Vista every year. Two-day art event brings new art exhibitions and live entertainment to the neighborhood. The Trustus Theater is another major landmark at The Vista.

The theater has two rooms with a capacity of 132 and 50 seats each and presents some of the best plays in the city. If you are looking for cultural destinations, The Vista is for you. Lexington is a suburb located just west of Columbia and 10 miles from the city center. It used to be called Saxe Gotha in the late 18th century, until its name was changed to commemorate the battles of Lexington and Concord.

Lexington does a good job of combining rural roots and its more modern, cosmopolitan elements. Columbia Metropolitan Airport is located in Lexington, making residents well connected to the rest of the state and the country. There are several good elementary, middle and high schools in the neighborhood. In fact, the Lexington School District is the largest employer in the area, followed by Lexington County and then Walmart.

The city center has some enviable real estate properties thanks to the historic location and the growing list of establishments in the area. As much as some would like to live in downtown Columbia, it can be expensive to get a home there. What do you do when you can't get a house in the heart of the city center? Live close enough to get to that part of the city quickly, which is exactly what living in Cayce allows you to live. Cayce is a neighborhood located next to the Congaree River.

The river has played an important role in the development of this part of Columbia. The Riverwalk at Cayce, a 12-mile-long trail around the river. There are many things you can do along the trail, such as fishing, visiting the picnic areas, and attending the events that take place at the Riverwalk Park Amphitheater. Five Points is one of the main districts in downtown Columbia.

It's the site of many firsts in the city, including its first Chinese restaurant, its first supermarket and the first bar to include a cocktail on the menu. This neighborhood is a top destination for University of South Carolina students. As a result, Five Points comes alive at night with bustling bars and restaurants. Bar None, Cellar on Greene and Breakers Live are some of the best-known bars in the area.

But Five Points offers more than bars and nightlife. Several of the neighborhood's venues host live music concerts. This is where the Columbia Food and Wine Festival and the Summer Sidewalk Sale, the largest street vendor in the city, are held. South of Shandon, Rosewood is popular with young professionals, families and retirees.

The historic neighborhood mainly includes ranch-style homes, many of them built in the 1950s and 1960s, as well as the city's only urban farm and other amenities within walking distance. Rosewood also has Owens Field Park, which has an 18-hole disc golf course, 12 soccer fields and three tee-ball fields, and an outdoor skate park open to skaters, inline skaters and cyclists. West Columbia offers a small-town atmosphere with easy access to big city amenities. The area includes an antique district, a wide selection of restaurants and cafes, and an entrance to the Riverbanks Zoo and Garden.

One of the neighborhood's most popular places to put down roots is the Avenues District, which has tree-lined streets with single-family homes. Columbia was chosen as the state capital because its central location in the South Carolina Midlands makes it accessible to all. The Nickelodeon Theater, or The Nick, as it is fondly known, is special for the city, since it was founded by students from the University of South Carolina. The University of South Carolina is located in this neighborhood, making it a popular meeting area for college students.

Columbia, South Carolina, has neighborhoods with entertaining theaters, river walks, and lively nightlife. The Nickelodeon Theater, also known as The Nick, is important to the city, not just because it was founded by students at the University of South Carolina. Answers to your questions about real estate in Columbia, SC Columbia is one of the most dynamic cities in South Carolina. The neighborhood includes the University of South Carolina and offers several rental properties, such as Canalside Lofts, Vista Commons, Claire Tower and Aspyre at Assembly Station.

Living here, you'll be able to take day trips around South Carolina and parts of North Carolina and Georgia with ease. .

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